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Why complete the MHFA Refresher course?

  • You've completed the Mental Health First Aid or MHFA Champion course - practice your skills and keep your knowledge up to date.

  • Network with other MHFAider's and Champions - share your experiences with like minded delegates.

Course Overview

The course is a four hour refresher session for those who have completed the MHFA two or one day course. Just like physical first aid, we recommend you refresh your skills yearly. 


MHFA England's Two Day and One Day courses are valid for three years. If it's more than three years since you completed your initial course, it's time to redo your training.


The session is delivered through a mix of group activities, presentation and discussion. 

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Course Content

  • About mental health

  • Stress & influences on mental health

  • Mental health continuum & stigma

  • Frame of reference & non-judgement


  • Warning signs of mental ill health

  • Depression & anxiety

  • Suicide & first aid

  • Psychosis & first aid

  • Other mental health conditions

  • Practising MHFA skills

  • Self-care, wellbeing & recovery

Guide Pricing

The following are guide prices only. 

This course can be tailored to specific requirements and the location of courses can vary therefore prices may fluctuate.


Please enquire for a customised quote or to book for individuals and small groups. Please note, open courses can only be run if the minimum delegate requirement is met.

In-House Training:

  • Classroom Course Price £2146

This is a cost-effective way of training up to 25 people in your own venue.

  • Virtual Course Price £1095 - Up to 15 learners per course


  • Course delivery

  • Trainer fee

  • Training resources & materials

  • Up to 25 spaces

  • Certificates of attendance

  • Flexible course dates

Open Course:

  • Classroom Course Price: £97 pp

  • Virtual Course Price: £87 pp


  • Course delivery

  • Trainer fee

  • Training resources & materials

  • Venue

  • Refreshments

  • Certificates of attendance

We regularly run training courses across the South East, please check public courses for upcoming courses.


MHFA Refresher

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