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  • What areas do you provide training?
    We are based in the South East where we regularly run open courses, but we can serve the entirety of the UK. We do also work with multinational companies utilising Zoom.
  • How are the online sessions run?
    We run our online courses via zoom.
  • What is the online Mental Health First Aid course?
    The online version of our course delivers the same evidence-based learning outcomes of the popular ‘face-to-face’ MHFA Two Day courses in an accessible and flexible online format. The course is structured around a blend of individual learning and live sessions. These are all conducted online via our new Online Learning Hub – an integrated learning platform. Learners who complete the course will be certified by us as Mental Health First Aiders.
  • How do I book a place on a course?
    For Individuals Book an open course here Or if there's no current course then please Complete a contact form Or Email
  • I have accessibility requirements can you cater for me?
    Absolutely! As a learner, on any of our courses, you can capture any accessibility needs when you book a course. Your instructor may contact you ahead of the course to chat through and agree on any adjustments needed to support your learning experience.
  • Is there any pre-learning required?
    For some of our courses, pre-learning is required however this will be detailed in the course information and communicated by your instructor.
  • What happens if I miss a day or session of a course?
    We will have to make a decision on a case-by-case basis however we endeavour to support you through the entirety of the course and will do what we can to ensure you can complete the course.
  • How will I receive any materials I need for the course?
    For face-to-face training these will be bought along by your instructor, for online training these will be posted or emailed to you dependent on the course.
  • Will I be able to take part in courses if I don’t have a webcam or don’t want it turned on?
    If you are not able or comfortable to participate in the course with your camera on, then the online version of the course is not the right one for you. There is nothing more important than your wellbeing, and, just like our face-to-face courses, these courses have been designed to ensure a safe environment for learners. One of the key safeguards is to ensure that instructors can see all learners and check for signs of anxiety or distress, which requires all learners to have their cameras turned on for live sessions.
  • Can I record online courses so I can refer to it if I need to?
    No, you will not be able to record the sessions as other learners will be present and may be sharing potentially sensitive and personal information. As with all our courses, we encourage open and free discussions and want people to feel secure that these are private and protected conversations.
  • Will I receive a certificate?
    Yes. For all our courses, sessions and masterclasses, learners will receive a certificate of attendance/completion.
  • Can I cancel or transfer my place on a course?
    Please visit our cancellation policy here.
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