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To empower each and every person with the skills, knowledge and compassion required to support the mental health of themselves and others.

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Experiencing and managing challenges as one


Inspiring and enabling others to make a positive difference


Not only great in theory, but fantastic in practice!


A world where mental health is an everyday conversation, and nobody is ashamed or embarrassed about having a mental illness.

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Having systems and support in place reduces disruptions to individuals and teams whilst increasing productivity and employee happiness.

How much is increased happiness and productivity worth to you?

2 in 5

Employees experience poor mental health with work being a contributing factor


Estimated cost per employee with poor mental health

Sick days, increased staff turnover and lower productivity resulting from poor mental health cost UK employers an estimated £90bn last year. Aside from the moral reasons for looking after employees’ well-being, employers also have a genuine financial incentive for doing so.


Potential return on investment in mental health programs

Employers can see a return of up to £9 per £1 invested in mental health and well-being programs.

Not only is there a financial incentive to invest in employees mental well-being, but also a moral one in the increased happiness and productivity of individuals and teams.

9 in 10

Employees calling in sick due to poor mental health give a different reason  

With a lack of understanding surrounding mental health and the stigma of talking about it, often employees take sick days due to poor mental health without sharing how they feel. With systems and better understanding in place, you make it easier to monitor employee well-being and provide the necessary support.

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I first met Olivia last year when attending a MHFA course in Surrey, I found her enthusiasm for the often difficult topics and knowledge of the subjects very helpful in helping me through to complete course. 

Olivia's experience and background shines through with real life examples and her encouragement of the group to have open discussions as part of the course made the course interesting and relevant to the group.

As Mental Health First Aid was also new to my company I arranged for Olivia to come in and bespoke a course for our managers awareness and understanding of the subject and their role which she delivered twice for us.

We wouldn't hesitate to use Olivia again in the future, Mental Health First Aid should be very important to everyone.

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