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Check your email for the details (check junk!)

Check your email for the details (check junk!)

Course overview:

This programme is delivered over 3 hours as a suicide prevention awareness session.

You will learn theory and practice of suicide intervention skills that can be applied in any professional or personal setting. 

This course gives learners the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths and some basic skills can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive.

Course content:

SFA Lite is comprised of 2 parts, each 90 minutes duration. The programme teaches the skills needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and to pass the person onto a suicide first aider.


Part 1 – 90 minutes

• Introduction to the session; programme, ourselves and suicide prevention

• Stigma and survivors of bereavement by suicide and the Hidden Toll

• Suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour

• Intention of behaviour versus outcome of behaviour • Possible causes of suicide thoughts

• Suicide – the ripple effect




Part 2 – 90 minutes

• ‘I’m really glad you told me’ audio visual

• Suicide Safety Guidance

• Recognising and asking about suicide

• Referring a person onto suicide first aiders

Check your email for the details (check junk!)

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