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The power of kindness

This World Kindness Day I thought I'd do something a little different and share one of my own experiences. I hope that it inspires you the next time you meet a stranger that could benefit from a small act of kindness.

This story starts with a younger me on a day where I found myself alone, intoxicated and unable too envisage a day where I might feel better.

In an effort to manage my suicidal thoughts that day I took myself for a walk however, as my feelings worsened and my thoughts darkened, I found myself purchasing a bottle of spirit and a razor from a local shop.

As the sun set and darkness enveloped the woods I found some sanctuary in, I drank my way through the bottle and began to dismantle the razor.

I made some small incisions into my arms as I polished off the last of my drink.

Drunk and self-harming once again I felt disgusted with myself so I began to stumble home with the thought of suicide high on my agenda.

As I walked back down the main road towards my house, I felt I had nothing left to live for and began to cut into my face.

It was at this point two ladies in their front garden came to my aid.

With hindsight, I can only imagine what I must have looked like - stumbling down the road with blood trickling down my face - I certainly wasn't the most welcoming of figures.

But that didn't stop the ladies insisting I needed some help.

Abbie and Ann walked me home and tactfully disposed of the additional alcohol I poured myself when I got in.

I'm not sure how long they stayed with me but it was long enough that somebody was able to come and take care of me.

More importantly, it was long enough for me to feel as though I mattered and somebody cared for me.

That day, these two wonderful strangers showered me with kindness and almost certainly stopped me doing something that would have seriously endangered my life.

Are you wondering how you would support somebody in a similar situation? Take a look at our courses or click log in below to add your comments.

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